Manufacturing and Sourcing in China and China Sourcing Agent
Is your Asia strategy performing as planned?

Whether you need to source, design, develop, operate, or distribute in China and SE Asia, seasoned experts at CMD accelerate results for a lasting competitive advantage.

Asia sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, logistics, and more.

“The CMD team achieved what we thought was impossible.”

- Consumer Electronics Innovator
Outsourcing in South East Asia and Eastern Europe Manufacturing

10 Lessons Learned

After 30 Years in China
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Strategic China Manufacturing Solutions

If you’ve done business globally, you know the pains that can come with it. Language barriers. Time and cultural differences. Quality control headaches. Staff turnover. IP nightmares. The list goes on.

For over three decades, clients have turned to CMD to get things done in Asia and around the world. We are trusted as a SE Asia and China sourcing company and manufacturing company by hundreds.

Whether it is getting a big idea off the ground, sourcing manufacturers, optimizing strategy and operations, or selling globally - you can lean on our seasoned experts to accelerate results and deliver a lasting competitive advantage. Watch our video to learn more.

Real Results

Discover how leaders have taken quality, supply chain performance, and unprecedented levels.  
Quality Control Solutions and Chinese Manufacturing Solutions
Consumer Electronic Toy
Innovator Cuts Costs 18%
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Sourcing China Manufacturers and China Sourcing Agent
Vaporizer Entrepreneur
Launches a New Innovation
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Marketing Outsourcing South East Asia and Manufacturing and Operations Plan
Automotive aftermarket leader
achieves 166% ROI, reduces risk
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Free up time to innovate and build your brand. Leave the details of production, selling, and supporting to CMD.


Re-energize your Asian ops. Boost margins and efficiencies as CMD’s experts find low-hanging fruit in days.


Discover new ways to drive shareholder value for the next decade. Gain new capabilities and bench depth without the overhead.