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Gain an experienced team to take on your toughest challenges in China and Southeast Asia, overnight. The result is world-class, high-performing products on which your brand reputation and revenues depend.

News and Updates

09 March2021 Complete Manufacturing and Distribution (CMD),, announces the opening of a new manufacturing facility, Complete Manufacturing Changzhou (CMC), to expand product and service offerings to clients.   CMC is located an hour West of Shanghai, in the Wujin National…

Imagine leaving home for a brief family vacation and 45 days later — you're still gone. That's what's happened to auto industry consultant Andrew Parrish and his family.  The family lives in Shanghai, China, but they are stranded in Dallas, Texas, because of the deadly…

The real impact of the coronavirus outbreak in China on the North American auto industry soon could be felt as delays from the shipment of parts catch up to automakers — a disruption that could lead suppliers to reverse a trend of…

A clear picture of the global economic impact of the deadly coronavirus has begun to emerge, and U.S. real estate companies are monitoring how the crisis could play out on construction sites and in development pipelines. Complete Manufacturing & Distribution…

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korean car giant Hyundai Motor has increasingly relied on China to supply auto parts to its manufacturing hub at home in recent years. As the coronavirus spreads, its strategy could be backfiring. “South Korean automakers are…

Overview Last month, NGS Global released this article discussing impacts of the trade war between the US and China on global manufacturers and their customers, as well as Asia’s supply chain. To give more of an insider’s perspective, NGS author…

Let us handle it all.

For over 30 years, clients have relied on CMD to improve margins, drive revenue, and reduce time to market in China and SE Asia.

Factory Sourcing

Find best suited primary and backup suppliers.

Quality Assurance

Initial audits, in-process inspections - finished goods - packaging, CMD assures quality goals.

Sell In Asia

Open new markets and accelerate revenue with B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions in China and SE Asia.


Extend your team (without the overhead) in business development, customer service, logistics, accounting, and more.

Grow Your Team

Clients around the world turn to professionals at CMD to energize teams and transform business. Join them.


No two Clients are alike. CMD is continuously innovating unique ways to accelerate business.

Real Results

For over 30 years, clients have relied on CMD to improve margins, drive revenue, and reduce time to market in China and SE Asia.

Vaporizer entrepreneur achieves dream & launches a new innovation.

“CMD’s patience and perseverance has paid off in a high-quality, innovative product we are excited to take to market.”

– Entrepreneur, Vaporizer Innovation

Consumer electronic toy innovator cuts costs 18%.

“I regard CMD as one of the best 3rd party companies I have ever worked with.”

– Innovator, Consumer Electronics

Fitness equipment leader cuts delivery time to customers in China from months to days.

“The CMD team achieved what we thought was impossible.”

– Outsourcing Manager, Sports Equipment Company

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China and Southeast Asia Supply Chain Solutions

If you’ve done business globally, you know the pains that can come with it.  Shipment delays. Language barriers. Time and cultural differences. Quality control headaches. Staff turnover. IP nightmares. The list goes on.

For over 30 years, clients have turned to CMD to get things done in Asia and around the world.

Whatever your challenge, you can lean on our seasoned experts to accelerate results and deliver a lasting competitive advantage.

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CMD has decades of experience executing programs for clients in diverse industries across the globe. You will:

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Get instant traction without waiting for a team unfamiliar with Asia to come up to speed. Experts are versed in complex regulatory requirements and compliance. See results from the very first month.

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