CMD Strategic Advisors

Key to our approach for Scaling Up, we periodically take time to work on our business (vs. day-to-day in our business).  As a learning organization, we’ve found we grow faster with fresh input.  Meet the experts who offer perspective, creatively explore new ways to accelerate results, and shape our future.

Michael Dunne

CEO, ZoZo Go

Michael Dunne is CEO of ZoZo Go, a strategic advisory firm with deep expertise in Asian markets. ZoZo Go leads automakers, suppliers and tech companies to investments and partnerships in electric, autonomous and connected car technologies.  A Detroit native, Dunne lived in China, Thailand and Indonesia from 1990-2016.  Michael is based in San Diego, CA.

To make some extra cash in his youth, his side gig was the driver of the getaway car for Jim Dunne, the legendary spy. Many times chased by the authorities, but no arrests. 

Jay Boyle

Founder, Decision Modeling Systems, ECFO

Jay Boyle is the founder and managing partner of ECFO Service Ltd as well as Decision Modeling Systems LTD. Jay’s 25 years of experience in Asia span start-ups, turnaround and pre and post transaction work in manufacturing, sourcing, service, food and beverage industries. Jay is based in Shanghai, China.

When Jay is not working, you will often find him in looking for a new slope to ski or a back country road to explore on his motorcycle.

David Alexander

CEO, Baysource Global

As the CEO of Baysource Global, David has been instrumental in designing operational and marketing strategies rooted in best-in-class supply chain decisions since 2002. Baysource has been featured in Supply Chain Digest, The Financial Times, CNN Money, and Mergers & Acquisitions. David is based in Tampa, FL.

When not backwater fishing in the Florida gulf, David enjoys singing (bass) with The Master Chorale of Tampa Bay the symphonic choir to The Florida Orchestra.