Changes in China: 2018 Manufacturing Guide

GettyImages-664213084-2.jpgManufacturing in China in 2017 was a roller coaster of ups and downs. The systemic reforms from the government have presented challenges and opportunities for foreign companies with manufacturing and distribution interests in China. From handling competition to navigating environmental regulations, companies doing business in China have more to manage than ever. The 19th Party Congress in China pressed the gas on the progress made in recent years. Companies unable to pace with these changes risk falling behind…fast.

China has a clear vision in 2018 to drive accountability and execution. By reading our 2018 Manufacturing Guide, you can learn about four specific areas that will impact companies with China interests.

IP Enforcement

If you want to apply for patents in China, this year is your year to do it. The government is leveling the playing field by tightening regulations on intellectual property, in order to attract more foreign investment. As China develops more leading high-tech industries, they realize that if they ask for intellectual property protection abroad, they must do the same at home.  Discover which industries China is keen to protect. 


While ethical business practices underlay the mission for Western companies , many developing countries have a track record of corruption behind closed doors. Fortunately, there are new controls coming into play as China’s crackdown on corruption is beginning to get louder.  Building an ethical culture takes time in China, and helps protect your business by developing the education and accountability needed to safeguard against potential pitfalls.  Discover which business processes in China should be prioritized first. 


While foreign direct investment has always been welcome in China, regional consistency can frustrate multi-national investors at the implementation level. As with intellectual property, China understands a level playing field is critical and is taking steps to get there.  As China seeks to have equal trade with other countries, cries for consistent enforcement are growing louder.   Learn about China’s recent change in judicial accountability and what that means for your business.  

Balancing Trade

As more Chinese enter the middle class, demand for foreign goods is higher than ever, along with just about everything else. This is great news for Western firms.  Discover if tariff reductions on 185+ categories apply to your business – and if the time is right to sell more of what you make outside of China, in China.

Environmental Regulations

China has ratcheted up enforcement of environmental laws that have been on the books for decades.  Unlicensed buildings are being torn down, non-compliant processes are stopping production lines, and whole plants are shut down – overnight.  There are seven production processes that teams at CMD have seen particularly affected.  Discover if your supply chain is at risk. 

There has never been a better time for doing business in China. The momentum for a more efficient way of doing business has been building for months. The time is now to position your company for success. Read our 2018 guide and discover ways to fine-tune your China strategy. 

Need help accelerating goals in 2018?  Let’s talk.

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