CMD Hosts Suffolk University Business Students

Suffolk University StudentsOn May 11th, 2017, CMD welcomed business students from Suffolk University, on a visit to China from the United States, for an educational presentation at CMD’s Shanghai office. Students toured the office, interacted with teams responsible for accelerating results for clients, and interacted with CMD solutions hands-on. In today’s global economy, understanding the opportunities and challenges of building a China strategy, China sourcing, China contract manufacturing, quality control and assurance; China logistics; and e-Commerce sales in China are vital skills that prepare business students to provide value in their careers after graduation.

CMD described the company’s mission for helping companies accelerate speed to market, increase profits, and deliver peace of mind for China operations.  Larger than focusing on how CMD does business, the discussion included the evolution of e-Commerce in China and how companies must continue to evolve as the market changes. Students learned how China is advancing new laws to protect consumer data and privacy. Navigating China’s markets and ever-changing consumer tastes takes experience, and with 500 new products per day being launched in China, according to China Skinny, there is little time for error if companies want to see revenue quickly.   As e-commerce platform opportunities evolve in China, flexibility and agility are key. 

These students received special insight into the day-to-day operations at CMD, and their experience traveling to China will undoubtedly help them as they pursue careers in management and technology.

Download the presentation and see how CMD helps companies around the globe accelerate results in China. 


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