Complete MAD Expands Solution Portfolio with Quality Systems

Complete Manufacturing and Distribution (CMD),, announces expansion of the company’s solution portfolio to help clients accelerate continuous improvement and optimize performance of their China operations.

“As social costs and wages rise in China, the manufacturing landscape is rapidly changing,” said Paul Stepanek, President, CMD. “To survive in today’s competitive environment, China’s manufacturers must shift from a mind-set of ‘make it cheap’ to ‘make it better.’ The new currency is quality, and China’s manufacturers will need to accelerate quality systems to compete globally. Survival depends on it.”

CMD’s solution portfolio now includes a range of ways to optimize operations and implement lasting change with people, processes, and quality systems. Solutions are packaged to achieve enterprise-specific goals, and include global best practices in Lean business operations. For programs large and small, services can blend strategy, training, and implementation—up to full management oversight.

Data-driven. People focused. Measurably better.

“When it comes to quality systems,” explains Andrew Parrish, CMD’s business development leader, “it’s not just about the tools. It’s about driving sustainable results that last, and that involves the more challenging task of changing culture. Anyone can learn the science of a tool but the real art is how it is continuously applied. Everyone, from the top floor to the shop floor, must embrace a quality culture. World-class quality systems result in measurably better customer satisfaction, and the financial benefits in higher revenues, stronger cash flow, and lower costs follow for years to come.”

About Complete Manufacturing and Distribution

Complete Manufacturing and Distribution (CMD) is trusted by clients to accelerate results. Whether you need to design, develop, operate, or sell products in China, seasoned experts at CMD accelerate results for lasting competitive advantage. CMD serves clients worldwide from offices in China, The United Kingdom, and the USA. For more information, visit

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