10 Lessons Learned from 30 Years of Business in China

The Chinese Manufacturing Challenge

Some assume that China’s maturing manufacturing base has made working with China easier. “Everybody is in China…it can’t be that tough, right?”

The Reality Of Outsourcing Production In China

Many of the challenges of 30 years ago are still true today.  Decade after decade, innovative companies—bruised from unsuccessful China initiatives—lack a viable product to sell even after attempting two or more rounds of sampling and/or production.  Each cycle is expensive and postpones revenue.

Key Takeaways On Chinese International Trade

We’re often asked “What makes a successful China strategy?”  After 30 years, we continue refining these 10 best practices with clients around the world. In this eBook you’ll get:

  • 10 best practices spanning 30 years in China
  • Four sure-bet ways to lose control over IP in China
  • The number one mistake people make when negotiating contracts
  • Driving revenue in China with eCommerce step by step
  • And much more


Download our best practice guide to discover ways to unlock value in weeks instead of months (or years).

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