How to Sell Your Product in China

So you have a great product and you’re selling really well in your home country and you want to sell in China. That’s terrific, but how can you make it happen? What are the challenges that most people run into, some of the pitfalls, and some things that businesses don’t think about?

Warehousing is not enough

The most common one that we see is that people assume if they can get their product to China, that it will actually move out of the warehouse. Much like launching a product anywhere, getting the right eyeballs on your product in the right marketplaces is a major challenge. Knowing where people shop for products like yours and how to get your product selling there should be a vital step.  The e-commerce platforms in China are different than those with which we are familiar in the West.  Amazon, for example, has low single-diget share of e-commerce in China.   TMall,  Taobao,, and up-and-comer WeChat are the top platforms.

 Regional differences matter

Another thing people don’t completely appreciate is that China is more like Europe, where each province has different rules and regulations. Different players in the marketplace significantly influence how to be successful in that particular area and who to be partnering with. Before you move your products in and start selling, learn these rules, regulations, and the major marketplaces are where you want to be selling.

Another area where we see clients face challenges is when they’re evaluating what kind of partner or distributor to have. Taking the time to size up who else is in the marketplace, what channels they are moving their product through, and what options they have for partnering with agents or distributors is critical to getting an overview of the best practices for success in that market.


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