Industry Week Features CMD Expert on Supply Chain Resiliency and Risk Management

Industry Week recently featured CMD President Paul Stepanek in an article on supply chain resiliency and risk mitigation. 

His top take-aways:

  • There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but proactive companies that create resilient supply chain contingency plans will stay a step ahead of potential issues and their own competition.
  • Having good relationships with diversified suppliers in reliable locations closer to the market can offer more security to a robust supply chain.


For more information on how to minimize risk and optimize your supply chain, read the article. Then contact the expert that Industry Week turns to and discover how you can create a more robust and resilient supply chain in the SE Asia region.

Why CMD?

It’s like gaining a company division, overnight. Hit the ground running from Day 1, free of the headaches and cost of building it yourself. What would your growth look like if you could move at the speed of trust?

Track record of success. Relationships run deep with clients, many of which span decades, due to incremental gains in efficiencies, margins, and revenue – year after year. Core value alignment is key to success.

Depth of experience. From ideation to execution to e-commerce, seasoned SE Asia manufacturing experts at CMD help reach goals faster for lasting competitive advantage.

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