Is China ready for job-shops?

Often times, when overseas companies are looking at China, they may be asking themselves : are we big enough to manufacture our products in China? Do we have enough volume for manufacturing and operations plan?

The landscape of manufacturing is changing, and even just 10-20 years ago in China, companies were looking to run hundreds of thousands or millions or tens of millions of units. But the environment here has significantly changed. Smaller scale manufacturing capabilities are increasing. The ability to do the kind of job shop production that exits in Europe, in United States, and in Japan has evolved in China. In 2017, we do have more capable engineering capabilities on the manufacturing floor, where people are getting used to running shorter and shorter production runs, with more variety in those runs.

Job Shops Rising in China from Christina Li on Vimeo.

We are seeing that it is possibleto manufacture lower run items here in China, and do it successfully. To be efficient and productive, we do have to wrap around a significant amount of engineering support and quality assurance to confirm what we asked for gets produced. We recently had a European customer that was manufacturing items at a job shop in Paris, and they wanted to eliminate some costs and make some design changes. We are able to help them with those design changes here in China. And then we are able to actually find a relevant supplier for electro-mechanical structure and, to their surprise, we are able to make it for about the same amount of money they were spending in Paris.

If you’re considering a smaller-scale production run in China, contact us today and let our experts help pave the way.

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