Why Westerners should pay attention to WeChat

by Jennifer Clement, Complete Manufacturing and Distribution

While few Westerners have ever heard of WeChat, its impact is profound in China and could transform human interaction as we know it.  The world of WeChat is moving quickly; new developments show up weekly.  The story of WeChat, told in this short video, offers a glimpse of the future and why Westerners should take notice. 

Favourite sound bytes:

“For China the Internet is more like an Intranet.”  (Thanks to the great firewall.)

“As a result, there is no Facebook. No Twitter. No Google.”

“What’s evolved instead are superapps…the greatest example is WeChat…”

“WeChat is like a Swiss Army Knife…it combines Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, WhatsApp, SKYPE, Uber, Instagram, Venmo, Tinder…plus maps, appointment booking, investment services, and more…”

For those marketing and selling in China, B2B or B2C, WeChat is mission critical.    Rest of the world?   Worth watching… 



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