Vietnam Business Case Executive Briefing

“Helped by low costs and an eager government, Vietnam is taking over China's role as Asia's hotspot for foreign investment in manufacturing.”

The Street, January 2015


Vietnam Business Case in Manufacturing

Few other Asian countries offer a triple win, with access to low-cost labour, trade routes, and free-trade regional suppliers. This executive briefing frames five pillars of a business case for Vietnam as a viable manufacturing option.

  • 50% lower labour rates and lower overhead
  • Free trade – duty light and increasingly duty free
  • Vertical integration – 225+ industrial parks covering dozens of industries
  • Large multinational investors – Samsung is in for $20B by 2020
  • Tax rates – 20%+ lower than competing countries

Opportunities in Vietnam today resemble those found in China 20-30 years ago. Get in now. Build for growth. Reap the rewards for decades.

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