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Executive Strategy Symposium: Top Takeaways

Jun 28, 2016

Last Fridady CMD along with Marquette University hosted The China & Vietnam Strategy Symposium, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.  Top takeaways included:

“Growing in China is easy.  Growing profitably in China is hard.” Tom Marry, COO, Modine
“China has evolved from low cost to incredibly sophisticated…”  Doug Fisher, Director for Supply Chain Management, Marquette University
“IP is shifting ‘East to East.’  China is investing in innovation centers to drive more local content.” Paul Stepanek, President, CMD
“Traditional commitments to enforcement are being forcibly modernized.”  Frank Rocco, Attorney & Solicitor, New York & Shanghai
“Help first then seek return.  Success is about building relationships.” Mike Harsh, Executive Director - Global Supply Chain, Johnson Controls

 This event offered opportunities for learning, networking, and thinking differently about Asia strategy.