“China is already the biggest eCommerce market in the world, and within three years, China will be a bigger than the USA and Europe combined.”
China Skinny 2016
“CMD’s customer service allows us to treat our customers in Asia like we do at home.”
Sales Manager,
Industrial Products Company

What will it take to Lean up?

Your product sets the industry standard outside of Asia. So how do you import your brand promise to Asia?  And adapt to the preferences of Asian customers?  

Clients trust CMD to open new markets and accelerate revenue with B2B and B2C solutions in Asia.  How? By making it easy for customers to buy and get help.  

Extend and protect your brand promise in Asia.
B2B and B2C. 

Importing / Exporting

  • Class A license
  • Shipping and tracking
  • Customs clearance
  • Air, rail, boat, road


  • Consignment
  • Direct purchase
  • Buy/resale
  • Warehouse audits


  • Website
  • eCommerce
  • China agent
  • Social media
  • Payment collection


  • Lifecycle order management
  • Deliveries
  • End-customer follow up


  • Live support desk
  • Installation
  • Warranty management
  • Maintenance 
  • Repairs
China Quality Assurance

What will it take to Lean up?

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