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“CMDs lightening-speed response times with customers is among the best we have seen among our worldwide distributors.“
Business Development Manager, 
Commercial Equipment Company
“The CMD team achieved what we thought was impossible.”
Consumer Electronics Innovator

Imports, Exports, and Logistics

Streamline your operations

Air freight fees are often the result of poor planning. The logistics professionals at CMD stay on top of best practices – infusing efficiency and driving down costs dock to dock. 

Clients rely on the logistics professionals at CMD to:

  • Monitor regulatory changes in that impact logistics processes and costs
  • Perform cost/benefit analyses of alternatives.
  • Explore the ROI of bonded vs. conventional warehousing for imports
  • Get goods in and out of Asia through our own import / export company (Class A license).
  • Ship and track orders in Asia to our clients and client’s clients
  • Consolidate shipments across suppliers to minimize export costs
  • Find the best deals on container shipping while balancing tradeoffs for cost and quality
  • Organize customs clearance

Logistics is detail intensive work. For decades, clients have trusted the professionals at CMD to improve efficiencies and keep supply chains around the world humming. 

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