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“CMDs lightning-speed response times with customers is among the best we have seen among our worldwide distributors.“
Business Development Manager,
Commercial Equipment Company
“The CMD team achieved what we thought was impossible.”
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Understand the angles

Is ROI better on a greenfield or brownfield factory? What zoning regulation and  business licensing apply? Can ethical contractors be found? In a facility construction project there a lot of moving parts. CMD’s professionals have a history of executing programs in record time, staying on top of every detail, confirming expectations for budget and milestones are met.

  • Market Research. Clients rely on CMD to align areas of your objectives for growth. Considerations include proximity to customers, skills of the workforce, availability of materials and subcontractors, location of competitors, and more.
  • Location Selection. Which province, city, industrial park is offering the most attractive incentives? Once an area has been selected, our team moves in for a closer look at what incentives are available from local government, industrial sites catering to your industry, and availability of land or pre-built facilities.
  • Site Selection. Teams at CMD help negotiate deals on taxes, land prices, infrastructure improvements, and more.
  • Facility Set-up. CMD helps clients oversee preparation, design, tendering and construction or facility fit-out. We also help coordinate importing equipment, government approvals for operations, and staffing.
  • Advisory / Oversight. Once you’re up and running, you can rely on CMD to help run the business, including board advisory, hiring key employees, receiving clients, advice on strategic decisions, and a bridging the gap between local and foreign management.
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