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“CMDs lightening-speed response times with customers is among the best we have seen among our worldwide distributors.“
Business Development Manager, 
Commercial Equipment Company
“The CMD team achieved what we thought was impossible.”
Consumer Electronics Innovator


Handle your business needs

Clients lean on CMD to scale their business, hosting everything from just one employee, to a whole team, or an entire company. Clients collaborate with CMD to align strategy, budget, and goals. Each month, you’ll get transparent reports into your China operations.

Employee hosting

  • Salary & benefit payments
  • Human resource issues
  • Petty cash
  • Accounting & invoicing
  • Visa sponsoring & work permits

Business hosting

  • Business registration
  • Licensing
  • Monthly reporting, accounting
  • Tax and statistics declarations
  • Quarterly bank checking
  • Tax accounting
  • Required annual audits
  • Joint foreign enterprise annual inspection

CMD’s Shanghai office is located 15 minutes from Shanghai’s Hongqiao Hub (a massive transportation hub). It is a an easy commute for staff and no special provisions need to be made for their arrival/departure to/from the office. Local restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, and banks in close proximity provide a comfortable working and living environment.

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