Manufacturing and Sourcing in China and China Quality Assurance

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“CMDs lightning-speed response times with customers is among the best we have seen among our worldwide distributors.“
Business Development Manager,
Commercial Equipment Company
“The CMD team achieved what we thought was impossible.”
Consumer Electronics Innovator


Build brand loyalty in China

As ambassadors of our clients’ brands, customer service teams at CMD professionally represent products and services.

Global brands. Local experience.
1. First, we’ll dive into your brand experience with client-led training. 
2. Then teams at CMD recommend best practices for localizing that experience to delight Chinese customers.
3. Then we execute, while constantly looking for ways to continuously improve. The goal? Earn five-star ratings on which purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale.

Earning five-star rewards, one interaction at a time.
In China, long term relationships are key to creating loyal customers, nurturing repeat business, and encouraging referrals.  Five-star ratings depend on hassle-free order fulfillment and payment processing.

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Chinese Manufacturing Solutions and Sourcing China Manufacturers

Learn about China's major e-Commerce marketplaces, processes, customer services needs, and more.


Convert your dream from a sketch to a 2D/3D image to a prototype…fast.


Manufacture, package, optimize logistics, and much more. It’s all about high quality and on-time delivery.

Sell in Asia

Asia’s 2 billion customers are buying more than ever. Are you reaching businesses and consumers before competitors do?