Infographic - 6 Tips to Stay Healthy When Visiting Asia

When traveling to China and SE Asia it is important to take specific precautions to stay healthy. This infographic highlights our top tips to ensure that you stay healthy during your visit. 

red flags china factory bankrupt
Is Your China Supplier Going Bankrupt?
Download our infographic with 18 red flags that your China supplier could be going bankrupt. Don't get caught off guard. Know the warning signs and protect your supply chain.
2019 china manufacturing
2019 Jump Start Guide
Struggling to navigate the modern complexities of manufacturing in China? Learn our four critical predictions and six key strategies for future success in our ebook.
2018 China Manufacturing Guide
2018 China Manufacturing Guide
If you understand the playing field, there is no limit to what your company can accomplish. This guide walks you through how to stay ahead of changes coming to China in 2018.
30 years in china
10 Lessons Learned After 30 Years in China
We’re often asked “What makes a successful China strategy?”  After 30 years, we continue refining these 10 best practices with clients around the world.
lose IP control in china
3 Guaranteed Ways to Lose Control Over IP in China
This briefing summarizes three risky IP practices and strategies for protecting your company in the land of me-too producers. 
china wind down
Checklist - Leaving China? Wind-down in Months vs. Years.
This checklist highlights key steps for an efficient, smooth, and orderly company wind-down in China.  It can be done with respect and dignity, and be wrapped up  in a matter of months as opposed to years.
china profitability
Infographic - 5 Ways to Increase Profitability in China

Rising labor rates, overhead, material costs - are among many factors putting pressure on profits. This infographic describes 5 creative ways leaders in China are putting profitability back on track.

5 Facts about e-Commerce in China Infographic (1)
Infographic - 5 Facts About eCommerce in China
Learn about China's major e-Commerce marketplaces, processes, customer services needs, and more.
Tip Sheet - The CMD Difference
Tip Sheet - The CMD Difference
A profitable China strategy requires detail-intensive work.  Nothing must be left to chance. Your brand equity, reputation, and revenues depend on it.
Copy of eCommerce Tip Sheet v2 (1)
Tip Sheet - eCommerce in China – Step by Step

Ready to take on e-commerce in China?  This tip sheet covers everything from branding, IP, customer service, regulatory requirements, logistics, and much more – to help you strategize, organize, and execute a comprehensive e-commerce program in China.    

Vietnam Business Case
Vietnam Business Case
With 50% lower labour rates, free trade, vertical integration, a huge stable of multi-national investors, and low tax rates…Vietnam is a rising star in Asian manufacturing and distribution.
RFQ Checklist CMD Edition
RFQ Readiness Checklist

So you’ve been working on a big idea for months…and maybe even years. And now you're ready to get it out of your head and into your hands. We've put together a checklist that will help you gather all the information you need to start the process.