30 years in china
10 Lessons Learned After 30 Years in China
We’re often asked “What makes a successful China strategy?”  After 30 years, we continue refining these 10 best practices with clients around the world.
lose IP in china
3 Guaranteed Ways to Lose Control Over IP in China
This briefing summarizes three risky IP practices and strategies for protecting your company in the land of me-too producers. 
china wind down
Checklist - Leaving China? Wind-down in Months vs. Years.
This checklist highlights key steps for an efficient, smooth, and orderly company wind-down in China.  It can be done with respect and dignity, and be wrapped up  in a matter of months as opposed to years.
china profitability
Infographic - 5 Ways to Increase Profitability in China

Rising labor rates, overhead, material costs - are among many factors putting pressure on profits. This infographic describes 5 creative ways leaders in China are putting profitability back on track.

china ecommerce
Infographic - 5 Facts About eCommerce in China
Learn about China's major e-Commerce marketplaces, processes, customer services needs, and more.
tip sheet
Tip Sheet - The CMD Difference
A profitable China strategy requires detail-intensive work.  Nothing must be left to chance. Your brand equity, reputation, and revenues depend on it.
Tip Sheet - eCommerce in China – Step by Step

Ready to take on eCommerce in China?  This tip sheet covers everything from branding, IP, customer service, regulatory requirements, logistics, and much more – to help you strategize, organize, and execute a comprehensive eCommerce program in China.    

Vietnam Business Case
With 50% lower labour rates, free trade, vertical integration, a huge stable of multi-national investors, and low tax rates…Vietnam is a rising star in Asian manufacturing and distribution.