“CMD navigated new avenues in China that helped us gain a competitive edge.”

- Senior Leader, Automotive Aftermarket Innovator

“I regard CMD as one of the best 3rd party companies I have ever worked with.”

- Outsourcing Manager, Outdoor
Sports Equipment Company

“We’re saving $350,000 annually thanks to CMD.”

- Senior Leader, Marine Products Manufacturer
“Our China strategy with CMD pays dividends in higher quality and purchasing power globally.”
- Senior Leader, Global Small Gasoline Engine Manufacturer
“When I look back a year ago, I don’t know how we could have done it without CMD.”
- VP Global Quality,
Multi-National Enterprise
“CMD’s customer service allows us to treat our customers in Asia like we do at home.”
Sales Manager,
Industrial Products Company
“CMDs lightening-speed response times with customers is among the best we have seen among our worldwide distributors.“
Business Development Manager,
Commercial Equipment Company

Supply Chain Optimization

Sound familiar?

“Our margins are off.”
“Our lead times are too long.”
“Our China suppliers are becoming less responsive.”
“Are we competitive for the next decade?”

Struggling in Asia?

When you engage with suppliers in Asia, it’s not uncommon for visibility to fade over time. Margins shrink. Lead times lengthen. Quality declines. And when emails and calls are not getting returned, you know the honeymoon is over.

Hold Asian ops accountable.

Clients entrenched in Asia turn to CMD  to infuse urgency and hold suppliers accountable. Devils for details, experts at CMD persistently ask the tough questions. You gain visibility into what’s really going on, and results to drive your business. You benefit from solutions in Asia for quality control, sourcing, operations strategy, e-commerce, and much more. 

Boost margins. Trim lead times. Drive revenue.

CMD will dissect your entire product life cycle and uncover margin driving opportunities…fast. From day one, transparency and execution is how CMD earns your trust.

Case Study

Small gasoline engine leader reduces global costs, achieves 200% ROI.



Throwing people, time, and money at solving a quality problem in Asia? Stop the madness.


Are delays threatening revenues? Discover ways to speed up execution.


Competitors throwing unfair punches? Switch from defense to offense.