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Due Diligence

Know who you are working with

Perhaps you’ve identified targets to buy, partner with, or develop as strategic suppliers. Are they aligned with your values? Keeping a clean set of books? Practicing modern quality assurance and control techniques? Investing in automation that will help control costs?

Gathering facts before making a move reduces risk. For Clients around the globe, experts at CMD have helped size up opportunities in Asia. 

CMD’s professionals will:

  • Confirm your target(s) aligns with your culture and core values.
  • Approximate deal size and appropriate investment.
  • Identify and managing risks.
  • Perform a comprehensive audit your target’s operations: quality systems, production processes, management capability, training history, etc.
  • Identify non-conforming areas of current and potential risks.
  • And much more.

And as conversations unfold, CMD can also help negotiate the best deal possible.

Clients around the world turn to CMD to size up targets and boost confidence with data when the stakes get too high to leave to chance.


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