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Sound familiar?

Confusion about a company’s purpose sends teams into a tailspin. Teams won’t collaborate, goals never get communicated, and no one knows how they are measured. Poor morale, missed objectives, and lost profits result.


Setting the targets for an organization is essential – and tying those objectives to an organization’s purpose and individuals’ KPIs leading effective planning, communication, interactions, and outputs – is mission critical.

The bottom line

You don’t get a second chance to meet quarterly targets. In this exercise, you will:

  • Take your leadership team through an organization scan, from internal and external viewpoints, drive out a SWOT, and address where the company needs to go in the future.
  • Set top-level strategic plans, align priorities to understand what success is, how it measured, and how it can be achieved.
  • Discover unique ways to energize teams key to achieving goals for revenue, cost reduction and other strategic goals.


  • A global automotive industry leader aligned department and the sub-functions’ goals. Budgets were reorganized to include training and development, and teams gained a voice in the goals created for them. Unprecedented cost-savings targets were achieved.
  • A global automotive industry leader historically created objectives, and handed them down to department leads, without input or alignment. Many objectives were left open for years. After our workshop, the team had a chance to voice their ideas, eliminate bad objectives, and raise new ones that focused on employee satisfaction, succession planning, and revenue generation. Each member took away one project to champion with a follow up deadline.
  • A JV between two international companies lacked a strategic plan that aligned owners’ expectations with KPIs for individuals. Our workshop uncovered new ways to infuse profitability, while remaining true to overall mission/vision. This resulted in testing and launching new technologies, revamping the organization, and a 30% YOY increase in profitability.


Unleash your company’s true potential.  Accelerate a strategy and take performance to unprecedented levels.


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