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Optimize Strategy

Optimize Core Strategy

Accelerate Performance.

Sound familiar?

Sometimes you have to work ON your business, not IN your business, to shake things up. Is your team doing the work it should be doing? What’s preventing it from being effective and efficient?


In this collaborative workshop, you’ll get results in two business days or less. CMD’s leadership of development professionals will ask tough and targeted questions. Guided exercises will challenge the logic and strategy fuelling the core of your business. You’ll experience plenty of ‘a-ha’ moments, surface big-ticket areas to focus on, and prioritize actions for generating needed changes – leading to higher performance and profits.

The bottom line

Drive down direct and indirect costs through improved processes and reduced time. Avoiding costs by understanding the current organization structure and work to reposition rather than hire.


  • 30% higher revenues for a tourism company after optimizing service offerings.
  • 20% higher gross margins for an <<industry>> company after streamlining purchasing.
  • 20% of sourcing time gained back by a global automotive company, by streamlining management of low-value spend programs thereby freeing up time for large-impact projects. 


Take the first steps to better performance. Discover where you’re leaving profits on the table.


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