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Sound familiar?

Top talent is hired and a new department is launched. But within a quarter, the only results to show are missed objectives, inefficiency, confusion, and lost profits.


As companies expand, new departments are often needed to drive growth. The new teams must have clear governance, purpose, and responsibilities in order to be integrated effectively into the rest of the organization and drive results.

In three days or less (plus follow-up coaching), your leadership team will:

  • Design and develop a new department
  • Create a vision of success, a clear purpose, and value proposition
  • Optimize a process flow for how it fits with the rest of the organization
  • Craft achievable and measurable goals.

The bottom line

Help new teams be effective from day one. Remove mysteries, proactively handle questions upfront, tie up missing links, and address work that isn’t getting done.


A global industry leader launched a new purchasing function and addressed cost and corruption issues…for good. Time was freed up for clients vs. vendor negotiations. The new team delivered annual cost savings of 30% and efficiency in other departments increased 15-20%.

A global automotive company launched a purchasing training department to standardize governance and KPI alignment. The new team helped take budget performance, cost savings, policy adherence, and audit control to unprecedented levels.


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