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Asia Factory Sourcing

Find the best suppliers

Clients rely on CMD’s factory sourcing professionals to find top-notch primary sources and backup sources that balance requirements for quality, delivery, and price. It’s like opening an international purchasing office overnight.

Asia sourcing can be complex and requires strategies and expertise.

How we can help:

  • Locating suppliers and supplier verification
  • Performing in-person supplier visits and evaluating management’s interest
  • Coordinating requests for quotations
  • Performing comprehensive supplier audits
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Developing a QA/QC plan for incoming material, work in process, finished goods
  • Coordinating samples: mold making oversight, creation of accurate samples
  • Investigating duty
  • Evaluating assembly options
  • Finding a contract manufacturer for a total product solutions
  • Investigating freight and negotiating deals
  • Developing and executing a supply chain strategy
  • Ongoing supply chain management: purchase orders, consolidation, export

A profitable Asia sourcing strategy requires detail-intensive work. With CMD’s bilingual team as your execution arm, you’ll be in a strong position with a quality solution to sell in markets worldwide—for decades to come.


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