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Hiring Solutions

Find the right fit for your team.

Good business often comes down to getting the right people. To accelerate results in Asia, team members must be aligned with your core values, have passion, and purpose. Clients turn to CMD to find the right people at all levels from leadership positions, to security guards at the front gate. 

Onboarding staff is aligned with your HR practices, guided by CMD’s recommendations for localizing in Asia. 

Clients turn to CMD to find, evaluate, and on-board top-notch individuals. Working side by side with your HR team, professionals at CMD will:

  • Collaborate on job requirements and job description.
  • Optimize recruiting channels, such as headhunters, online job boards, professional associations, LinkedIn, and so on. 
  • Find and screen resumes on your behalf.
  • Interview candidates.
  • Present you with only the best and most qualified candidates for your review.
  • Provide weekly updates and progress reports.

Ask any executive what their top challenge is, and chances are, you’ll hear “finding great people.” When you’re half a world away, the added challenges of culture and language multiply the difficulties exponentially. Let CMD do the hard work for you, so you can sit back and select from a qualified pool of applicants. 


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