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Asia Quality Assurance and Quality Control

“Our factories are not returning my calls.”
“Shipments are on hold…again.”
“We’re not delivering on our brand promise.”
“My emails go into a black hole.”

Sound familiar? These quality control problems are not only an inconvenience, but they can also hurt your revenue.

Quality Control problems hurting the top line?

Quality inspection is not an event; it’s a process that demands constant attention. From half a world away, quality can quickly spiral out of control and put revenues at risk.

Infuse accountability and trust.

Meet the Asia quality control ‘freaks’ (and proud of it) over the entire product life cycle. From sourcing to in-process inspection to finished goods to packaging, CMD sees to it goals for quality assurance and control throughout Asia are achieved.

Our own Paul Stepanek discusses the best way to improve quality in Asia in our video.

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Solve Quality Control issues. For good.

CMD’s seasoned experts proactively and continuously root out problems on your behalf with Asia quality control solutions. 

With CMD’s experts handling quality control for you, you’ll save:

  • £$€25,000+ per trip to send your people to Asia to address quality inspection problems when they arise.

  • £$€ thousands in lost-sale opportunity costs to find secondary sourcing options when production is on hold.

  • £$€100,000+ to set up a quality management operation in Asia to mitigate your risks.

It’s a solution you can’t afford not to implement.


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