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Most quality inspection companies do just that: show up and inspect. But that’s not how top performing suppliers are made.

Quality is a constant quest for the truth and passion for prevention.  And the truth won’t surface without a strong underlying relationship and leveraging quality control solutions. 

Develop Top-Performing Suppliers

That’s why professionals at CMD don’t just contract with suppliers; we proactively develop them. Many factories in Asia have limited exposure to modern quality control solutions and assurance techniques. Teams at CMD work side by side with operators, with a hands-on approach, encouraging incremental progress on which sustainable quality solutions are created. Simple techniques like tally sheets, 5 Whys, root cause analysis, and more are first taught and then implemented.  And we don’t stop there, we monitor results to drive continuous improvement

This hands-on approach truly distinguishes CMD. 

Problems rarely have just one root cause. Blending techniques one process at a time leads to solutions that last.

The results? Sustainable quality on which brand reputations depend.


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