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Asia is among the fastest growing and largest economies in the world. Clients rely on CMD to continuously innovate ways to keep customer satisfaction and ratings high — mission critical in Asia’s rapidly-evolving world of e-commerce. Teams at CMD can:

  • Brand a service experience on behalf of your company
  • Bring goods into China, clear customs, organize warehouse(s), perform physical inventories
  • Set up and maintain platforms, e.g., WeChat,, Taobao, Tmall, etc.
  • Optimize traffic with online IP Oversight and online IP Monitoring and Protection
  • Manage transactions and payments
  • Organize deliveries, including “white glove” service
  • Handle warranties, returns, repairs

Asia’s buyers are not shy about sharing experiences, good or bad, broadly on social media. Your brand is your reputation. As your brand ambassadors in Asia, CMD will deliver a memorable customer experience on which sales growth depends.


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