Time to Market

Accelerate Time to Market with the Right Professionals in Asia.

Supply chain challenges abound in China.

Which freight method is more cost-effective? How many distribution points are needed to serve customers? How should shipments be bundled? Finding answers about product development process on your own can take months. Add unexpected red tape and regulatory requirements to the mix, and supply chain challenges in Asia can quickly hold up revenues.

Be more demand-driven.

For clients around the globe, CMD has served as a strategic partner for sourcing , decade after decade with decision making. With eagle eyes, CMD will scrutinize your purchasing, manufacturing processes, inventory, distribution, product launch, and transport practices – to make them more demand driven.

Your bottom line depends on it.

Time is money in the long term in the world of supply chains in Asia. Accelerate time to market. Shaving off days quickens the cash conversion cycle and frees up working capital.